Top 10 Fall Wishlist for 2015

Top 10 Fall Wishlist for 2015


I created this in Polyvore to show what I am aiming to purchase this fall.
1) Chunky Knit Sweater: I feel like this is a must-have for fall. I have a maroon chunky knit but it was a second-hand gift and the sleeves are being held together by safety pins (doesn’t stop me from wearing it of course.) I’d love to find a new sweater or two, possibly a grey or a nice dark mustard colored one.
2) Leggings: I have recently thrown away my only pairs of leggings because they were so worn that they were creating holes in unmentionable places. I am hoping to find three long pairs that are not completely see-through. These will be the hardest to find since I will have to search out TALL/LONG leggings. I learned the hard way that eXtra Large does not always mean long/tall. Side note: I’m in the ‘Leggings are not pants’ camp.
3) Basic Pair of Ballet Flats: I used to have a sweet pair of black ballet flats with a bow just like the picture but then I wore them out (kind of sounds like a theme here) and I feel like now is a good time to get a new pair.
4) Envelope Clutch: I’ve been yearning for one of those simple but elegant envelope clutches. Perfect for day or night and a nice nude with compliment most outfits. I feel so lucky that there is a Charming Charlie’s nearby.
5) Large Quartz Ring: I LOVE large rings, especially with natural stones in them. They are the perfect stand out accessory. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I adore rings!
6) Matte Nail Polish: I suppose I might be behind on the trends but that doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve been coveting a nice black matte for ages and right before Halloween seems like the time to make this dream come true!
7) Teeth Whitening Strips: This may seem like an odd product to put on this list but I am getting married in a year and my teeth are less than ideal to be picture ready. Crest’s whitening strips have great reviews but they’re so expensive that I have a hard time justifying the purchase. However, I want to have a nice smile so perhaps I’ll just pretend I didn’t notice the price if I get a chance to pick them up.
8) Mesh Desk Organizer: I am an incredibly messy person. I have slowly been trying to find the right way to organize my hot mess of a desk and I think this sweet device would absolutely help. A lot.
9) Study of Pose: 1,000 Poses by Coco Rocha: I am always looking for new ways to be inspire and find the right vibe when I’m taking photos. This book looks amazing and a must-have for my photography collection.
10) Avengers: Age of Ultron on Blu-Ray: Everybody should have seen this coming. The release date is October 2nd and I can guarantee you that I’ll be picking it up that day and going home to watch it instantly. I’ll be in danger of falling even more in love with Captain America and his shapely strong arms. Plus, we’ve got all the other movies from this current Marvel series, it’d be weird if we didn’t get this one.
So that’s the list. I may not get to it all but I think I can manage to acquire most of it. I am already gearing up for pumpkins, hot chocolate, and the new season of Walking Dead.
What are some things you guys are yearning for this fall?

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