ABCs of Sad Songs: A Playlist

ABC's of Sad SongsOr more accurately, the Alphabet minus U, X, Z.

Every once in a while, this melancholy mood strikes me, despite nothing tragic happening or being particularly sad about anything. I have learned to just go with the feelings. I suspect that it’s just an excess of stress slipping out through the cracks and who am I to deny that feeling at that moment? My high blood pressure is probably to blame. Plus, I’m a worrier. Double plus, I’m trying to break free from my love affair with Rockstar energy drinks and one of those can push my mind into overdrive and I’ll start to overthink everything.

When this mood strikes, I don’t question it. It doesn’t scare me to be sad. The saying “It’s okay to not be okay” comes to mind when thinking about the feeling.

I went through all 3,000+ songs I have and then some to create this list. I was displeased with the playlists of sad songs I found on the internet so I created my own. Time to share some of the hard parts of life!

#: 3 Doors Down — Loser

3 Doors Down has never shied away from writing or singing about tough times. I’ve enjoyed many of their songs since middle school (which was, trust me, long enough ago).

A: Aimme Mann – Save Me

I don’t recall where I heard this song for the first time (I’m thinking maybe a Crossing Jordan episode) but I do remember how it struck me so. The line “You look like, the perfect fit, for a girl in need, of a tourniquet.” is my favorite.

B: Blue October – Into the Ocean

I first heard this band on the radio briefly and then a whole lot more in my older brother’s car. It brings back memories of how his car smelled; rank old clothes and stale cigarettes. It also expresses how I feel when I get into those melancholic moods.

C: Counting Crows – Colorblind

There is an incredible amount of people who first heard this song while watching a tragic love story unfold, Cruel Intentions. This song will haunt you in your sleep. So will the movie.

D: Destiny’s Child – Emotion

I almost forgot about this little gem.

E: Evanescence – My Immortal

I was 12 years young when this music video came to tv. I think I may have cried the first time I heard it. It’s so beautiful and depressing. And her voice is amazing!

F: Flunk – Blue Monday

I love this cover! I never expected to find it in a movie like Nancy Drew, but that just goes to show that something so cute could have darker tones, especially in a soundtrack. And I love a good soundtrack. Especially one that surprises me.

G: Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends

I have to admit, I tend to have a love/hate relationship with Green Day. Mostly I just get annoyed, really. However, I like this one. So it made the list.

H: Hole – Dying

Feeling mind-numbingly depressed, like in a deep dark pit of despair. That’s where this song takes me.

I: Incubus – Wish You Were Here

Incubus songs are really visual for me. I can relate instantly.

J: Johnny Cash – Hurt

Xander on Buffy the Vampire Slayer once said that country music was the music of pain. This song is a promising example of that from one of the most famous country singers out that, Mr. Johnny Cash. He just looks so exhausted.

K: the Kooks – Seaside

I feel like I’m a cheating a bit with this song. I adore the Kooks and this song both makes me happy and sad. And… I live by the seaside. There’s that. Jane Austen wasn’t too off when writing about the healing powers of ocean air.

L: Lykke Li – Possibility

I know some of you may be surprised that a song from the soundtrack of the Twilight films made it on this list, but let me tell you: THOSE SOUNDTRACKS ARE TOTALLY FLIPPIN AWESOME! The idea that what you had is quite possibly the best thing you ever had and you’ll never have something like that is enough to stop anyone in their tracks.

M: Michelle Branch – Goodbye To You

This song broke my heart the first time I ever heard it. And then again when Willow and Tara broke up (on Buffy the Vampire Slayer). And every time after that.

N: Natalie Merchant – My Skin

I am inexplicably bound to this song. It’s just amazing. Feel it in the bones. The weight of the sadness.

O: Orelia Has Orchestra – Suggestions

It’s true, I may have first heard this one during a Pretty Little Liars episode but damn if it didn’t stick with me.

P: the Pretty Reckless – You

If I ever learned to play guitar (and miraculously managed to be able to sing) this would would be one of the first songs I learn to play. Unrequited love/lost love is unimaginably painful. This song is one I can’t get out of my head.

Q: Queen – the Night Comes Down

I don’t have much to say about this song, so just listen to it. Mmmkay?

R: Rhianna ft. Mikky Ekko – Stay

I love Rhianna’s music. The way the song reaches out for someone makes me want to reach back.

S: Sia – Breathe Me

This is the first song of Sia’s that I ever heard and it nestled its way into my heart, cleared up a dusty old spot, and took camp. It will change you.

T: Trace Adkins – Every Light In the House is On

Sometimes, the hardest and saddest thing to do is let someone go, all while holding on to the hope that they’ll return someday.

V: Vanessa Carlton – Nothing Where Something Used To Be

I’ve enjoyed the evolution of Vanessa Carlton and this is a newer song and it is simply beautiful.

W: the Wreckers – Lay Me Down

Because I’m a Michelle Branch enthusiast, I definitely checked out her side project with this band. I enjoyed this song the most. It’s raw and real.

Y: Yellowcard – Empty Apartment

I loved this entire album. I couldn’t stop playing it. This is a perfect representation of how easy it is to fall into routine and become introverted and fall deeper into depression.

Lypophrenia:the vague feeling of sorrow or sadness seemingly without cause or source

What do you think? Do you embrace the sadness sometimes? Did you hear anything new? What are some of your favorite sad songs that didn’t make the list?

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  1. gigipoo says:

    I love Stay. One of my favorite songs. I also love an accapella version of it by What’s On Tap.


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