Break out the party hats and the noise makers because this blog has been running for a month!

I feel like a lot has changed since then but in reality, not much has actually happened. I’m still working part time, still going to school full time, back at my internship. I’m still procrastinating homework deadlines (but actively working on kicking that habit — it’ll be a while), still eating terribly (also, actively working on that), and watching way too much Netflix (which I have no problem with).

I’m excited for this week because I’m taking pictures with a model who is A) not a friend, B) gorgeous a.f. and C) sought ME out for photos. I appreciate everything my friends are willing to put up with for photos, but it is nice to get some variety in the portfolio! This model has a MUA friend too, so it’s going to be fancy (to me). Also, later this week, me and most of my bridal brigade are getting together to start talking dress shopping. You know, colors, hems, how much boobage is good boobage, how far are we willing to travel to find a dress. Honestly, I’m kind of hoping we take the trip to San Francisco and visit the ModCloth store. First meeting together with the girls (minus 1, who is visiting her grandma — yay family!) so I’m hoping it’ll be fun and exciting!

The thrill and excitement of Halloween is creeping back into my heart as October approaches slowly. Although, to be fair, it takes up residence there most of the year for me. I rather enjoy all the creepy decorations and costumes and the change in the weather. If I could, I’d wear a costume for every day of October. Maybe that will be a project next year? Future Husband is going to be Daryl Dixon and I’m going to be Rick Grimes, from the Walking Dead. I adore that the two actors that play those characters are rather close friends and I am not bothered at all by the fact that I’ll be stepping out as a man. The only part that makes me sad is that I can’t grow a gnarly beard like Rick’s. Last year, Future Husband was Jaime Lannister (with cut off hand and all) and I was Brienne of Tarth (with bear claw scratches and all that) from Game of Thrones. I don’t know when we started doing couply-type costumes but we have so much fun. I wonder what next year will bring!

I’m going to leave you pondering about costumes and what you enjoy about Halloween.

Comments? Questions? Share below!


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