End of the Year (and then some) Goals

As I attempt to get back into my weekly writing groove, I’ve decided to make this post all about what I want to accomplish soon. Although that term “soon” is vague, I don’t feel like I need to put a complete DO ALL – END ALL by a certain date for these goals. Although, maybe the whole purpose of setting goals is having a specific time table in which to achieve said dreams. As I ponder that, I think I can commit to a lesser vague  January-ish. Like maybe the end of January. Or middle of January.

  • First things first, gotta reapply for insurance. Don’t wanna get fined for not having insurance that I can barely afford *cough cough affordable insurance my butt* This one is at the top of my list because it is actually one that has a certain time by which I need to accomplish it. Which is December 15.
  • Next thing that is rather important is to clean out my car. Yesterday, after discovering that a light had been on ALL DAY and my super cool neighbor came to the rescue by giving me a jump, it came to my attention that the mass of stuff hanging out in my trunk is unacceptable. I had to literally dig through books, blankets, clothes, photography stuff and snack foods to get to the container in my car where my jumper cables are. I think my “be prepared” motto got out of control. So yes, my car is a hot mess. And not like the sexy rebel hot mess.
  • Find THE wedding dress. I know that sounds ridiculous to do during the middle of holidays but I honestly think that I can make it happen. At least by the end of January. I’m going to a trunk show this Friday but I’m not aiming for a winner. I think I’m using at as an opportunity to dip my toes in the water since just going into a bridal store gave me such anxiety last time. It’s not that I’m not excited about the wedding, I’m just nervous about wearing such an important and expensive dress/outfit just once in my life. And I’m clutzy and messy so I don’t want to get anything dirty. I think I let “Say Yes to the Dress” get into my brainhole and I feel I don’t look like a bride, like someone is going to think that I’m just a little girl playing dress up. My insecurities about my body are on the rise at the moment and I’m terrified that I’ll look stupid.
  • Remind myself that I am a beautiful human being (debatable term: When I was younger my Dad told me I had been dropped off at their doorstep by aliens. And made to look like my parents through alien technology. So maybe “beautiful alien being” would be more appropriate.) And then spread that love to somebody else.

What are your recent goals? Long-term or short-term, share them below!


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