Winter Update

Still working on getting back into the swing of things for my blog so here is a small update.

FEELING: Overwhelmed. Burnt out. But also extremely excited.  With finals and presentations under way, and my ability to procrastinate, I’m feeling the stress. But that will pass soon. Also, getting stuck with the flu for a week before finals really really sucked. The holidays have been nice the last few years, but have sort of plateaued on excitement. This year however, the Boyling will be with us for the Christmas holiday! It’ll be all about him and it gives me a renewed joy and excitement.

LOVING: The idea of the upcoming winter break! Time to regenerate before Spring semester and getting to spend time with friends and family. The Dean/Castiel [bro]romance.

WATCHING: A lot of CSI:Miami (currently in the middle of season 8), Supernatural (season 4), and America’s Next Top Model (cycle 4). When I am not obsessing over those, I will throw in some Family Guy and My Drunk Kitchen.

PURCHASING: Candy. Toys for the Boyling. Gasoline for my car.

PLANNING: Holiday shenanigans! Decorating the house/tree, Candy Cane Lane tour, lots of hot chocolate and holiday films!


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