Big New Year Comming

This year is the year of creativity and change, love and fun, hard work and dedication. This year things will happen (whether I am ready or not!). This is not a post about 2016 resolutions, because I am terrible at them and, however, this is a post about general goals and ideas I have for this year.

One goal is to stop myself from getting in the way of creating. The other day, on a long drive (roughly 14 hours of driving), I had the pleasure of witnessing the first sunrise of the new year. I said to Future Husband, “I’d love to take photos out here.” And he responded, “What’s stopping you?” And then I realized the only thing getting in the way of expanding my photography and creativity is myself. And I absolutely want to change that. Though I primarily use other models for photos, if the creative mood strikes and nobody else is available — well, it is about time I figured out the art of a self-portraiture.

One change I would like to start making happen more often is less procrastinating. I know I say that every single year but I was disappointed in myself this year with school, work, and friends. And I only have myself to blame for it. Of all the changes that need to be made in my life, this is the one that is the most necessary. I’ve looked into some ideas and daily habits to change this but I am open to any suggestions.

With our wedding happening in 8 months and the only thing done is roughly having a date chosen, chosen a bridal party (and they found a dress they all liked), and a possible venue. I feel like it is time to get the party started. I have a dress shopping date coming up and that might be the date things start to happen. Future Husband and I have started discussing invitations (DIY style) and I am hoping that means a guest list will also come about shortly after. I have a rather supportive circle in making this day be beautiful and fun, I just haven’t been able to make a lot of decisions because I love every idea. With this wedding, I’ll officially be a Mrs. and a Stepmom!¬†And I’m so excited!

What are some of your upcoming goals?


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