Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere



When I joined a book club that consisted of friends and friend’s moms (hey, we’re hip and at that age where our parents can be pretty cool) we met semi-regularly. After the first few months however, our regularly monthly meetings tapered off into random postings on our Facebook group page. I cannot remember how I decided to read Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, because I never saw the television series and I have never read a Neil Gaiman novel before, despite his famousness in the fantasy genre. A friend (in the hanging-by-a-thread book club) and I agreed to read this novel when we got the chance.

By crazy random happenstance and co-worker’s amazing good luck (and memory of my love for books), this novel basically fell into my lap. Not only did this book come to me for free, it came signed by the author and with an authenticated tag. As I do with any hardback that has a easily removable cover, I left that part at home. I take my books with me everywhere and it tends to tear, stain, or warp front covers — which I prefer to stay nice and clean. Comes from a habit of borrowing my mom’s books and needing to return them in pristine condition (whether or not she’s already managed to spill coffee on it.)

Neil Gaiman’s ability to tell a story really made my vivid imagination explode. I could easily imagine London Below and all of its characters; good, bad, ruthless, cunning, enchanting, and just plain weird. I felt like I was right there, in Richard Mayhew’s head – feeling everything he was feeling and seeing everything from his eyes. I can easily see this story being an incredible modern movie, as long as it was done with excellent prosthetics, makeup, wardrobe and minimal CGI (because I am a snob that way). I love a story about having to find something to achieve something (a good quest) and this book represents that well.



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