February Update

The past month a whirlwind of wedding dress shopping, school starting, and photography projects. I’m trying to find a great balance of topics so that I’m not just writing book and movie reviews. I’m also trying to figure out a good way to introduce some Not Safe For Work topics without scaring anybody off or breaking any rules for WordPress.

Wedding update! I have 6 months till the wedding date and I don’t have a confirmed venue, a dress, or you know… much of anything. Future husband and I started looking at wedding bands together and that was fun, but we didn’t make any final decisions. But I’m optimistic and not trying to freak out about any of it. I found a local designer who makes beautiful whimsical wedding attire that I have an appointment for on my birthday! Maybe that will be the lucky day that I make my decision. There is a beautiful Justin Alexander number that is my top choice/fall back decision should this local designer not work out. I don’t want to settle for anything but I also know the importance of giving the dress maker enough time to create an outfit tailored to my sweet bod.

School has started! It’s my last year and I’m getting kind of anxious and excited! I want to be graduated and starting the next chapter in my job/career! I want to adult and work full time and have benefits and you know, the allotted two days off. That sounds boring but I’m ready.

Last month, I (and another photographer) shot a friends wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and the reception was bumping! They were a young couple that danced the night away with everybody they loved. The last two hours of the wedding, they turned the lights down real low and encouraged the photographers and videographers to come out to the floor with them. I am so excited to share those soon! I was able to help update a local model’s portfolio. What was nice was that they were referred to me by another model. It was a great networking experience as well as the opportunity to add some variety to my own portfolio! I also finally have (almost) all the supplies for a metallics and glitter based photo shoot. I have a set of photos from that that I will also share soon.

Keep an eye out for those new photos and some more posts!



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