Birthday Shenanigans

Trust me when I say shenanigans were afoot!

On the actual date of my birthday, I gave myself one of the best birthday presents ever! I found my wedding dress! Or should I say, wedding ensemble since I went the route of a two piece outfit! I don’t want to put any pictures up because SPOILERS but I can link to the designer! Ju Lee Chic On that same day, my friend gave me a pair of sweet purple converse, which I plan on saving for the wedding as well! Might spice them up a bit with some bedazzled jewels but for now, I’m really just thinking of the inserts I’ll have to buy. Partying for so many hours will require some support so that my arthritic back and knees will not be so wackadoodle. Also, mom and I went through some family jewelry and I found some beautiful jewelry to wear so I am practically all set for that business.

I was given a sweet Dr. Who coloring book, a copy of the Silmarillion, and the Walking Dead compendium 2! On top of all the people that either paid for meals or made me food. I felt positively spoiled.


The last day of my birthday weekend, Future Husband and I went on a special outing. We had discussed this before and since our plans changed a bit last minute, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We went to a strip club together! If this isn’t your cup of tea, I’d probably stop reading at this time. We are not disrespectful women who chose this “taboo” job nor do we judge them based on that decision.


Although it was not the first time I had ever been to a strip club, it was a way different experience than before. First off, I was there with someone I love. That alone says a lot because I struggled for a while with some insecurity issues and the idea of my lover oogling other women (who look NOTHING like me) honestly did not make me feel good for a long time. But as we took the time to discover our love and learn about honesty and trust it just came to be that it would be fun to go to a strip club together. Second, I cannot say that I honestly know if being bisexual makes the experience more enjoyable or not. It was fun though, being able to talk about which girl we thought was the most attractive there and which one we would ask for a lap-dance with. We had the same amount of money to give them so that put us on equal footing as well. The bar didn’t serve alcohol which I guess translates to being able to show full nudity. So I was hyped on Redbull instead which made me pretty nervous and anxious the first hour we were there. To me, it was an excellent relationship bonding experience in a way that we got to explore part of our sexual relationship together in a healthy way. I’m sure that if I said I was uncomfortable at any time he would have understood and we would have left.

Perhaps the next thing for us to try out is a burlesque show!


Have you ever done anything with your lover that surprised you [not graphic,please]?



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