Spring 2016 Wish List

It’s that time of the year when the freezing cold turns into rain swells and wind. So naturally I start thinking of springtime and what I would like to purchase during this season!
Untitled #422



Although it may not look like much, it’s all I’m really craving for this season.

  1. Pink dress: I’m looking for something kind of sweet but that I can also wear to my internship. I guess pink is in for spring (which kind of seems obvious but also I personally don’t think colors are designated to one season). I rather like this design and the price ($45)! Of course, I think I’ll do a bit of shopping around. Maybe I’ll find something equally as smashing in a thrift store!
  2. Pair of Oxfords: I’ve been eyeballing a few pairs on Vinted but haven’t actually got around to buying one yet. I’m looking into a brown or grey pair. Something I could probably wear with everything. I’m unsure how large my feet will look in them though, and as a size 12 shoe wearer, it’s something you notice. Less attention to the boats attached to the end of my shapely legs that go up to Canada, the better.
  3. Spiked Heart Garters: These have been on my Ebay wishlist since the first time I saw them a few months ago. I want the powder blue color. They’ll be perfect for the wedding and they’re something I’d definitely wear again. I’ll probably buy a few pairs in different colors because they look badass!
  4. Fringed Purse: The hippie in me has been screaming for a fringe purse for years. It’s honestly time to make it happen!
  5. Clear Jewelry Boxes: I’m terrible at organizing. And remembering what jewelry I have. I would really love a clear case (with dividers and such inside) so that I could see my jewelry and go OH! That would look smashing today!
  6. Crayola Thin Markers: I finally got a hold of one of those coloring books aimed towards adults, which is a ridiculous notion. Coloring books have always been an any age thing for me. It’s the Doctor Who one. So now I need some sweet markers to make the magic happen!
  7. Pirate Radio dvd: I thought I would actually go for a romantic comedy for the spring off my Bluray/DVD wishlist, but then I think of how much I loved An Education (which is totally appropriate for the spring) and how much I loved Pirate Radio (because I saw them around the same time) which equates to my love for 60’s pop culture and so that was my media choice.



What is everybody else wishing for this spring?


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  1. Just bought some oxford-ish ankle boots in that same color and I am LOVING them. Plus they were a steal for just $3 at Thrift City. 🙂 LOVE all the cuteness on your list!

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