Crimson Peak (2015)

Readers, I feel like maybe at this point some of you realize that I love horror/suspense movies. (My 31 Days of Halloween: Movies for the Whole Month has a huge amount of terror-based films, which I certainly don’t limit to just one month out of the year.) I was really excited about Crimson Peak, and was not disappointed!



I’m going to start off by being super honest and say that my household is entirely biased towards Guillermo del Toro and his films. We absorb (like a ShamWow towel and an Olympic swimmer right out of the pool) dark fantasy films, books, and other forms of art, including Changeling: the Lost (fantasy based role playing game). His dark and moody take on fables, fairy tales, and fantasy creatures is incredibly unique, scary, and beautiful. This film became my favorites of his, but his screenplay for Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark is a quick second. Future Husband loves mechs so Pacific Rim is high up there for him. Let’s not forget the fun that was Hellboy. I mean honestly, the kittens. So adorable.

I don’t think I can type enough positive words about the visual styling of del Toro’s films, between the sets and costuming. The hole in the ceiling of the Sharpe estate that allows the snow to fall through. The clay seeping into the snow. Basically anything worn by characters Edith, Lucille, or Thomas. It certainly gives Victorian Gothic cosplayers enthusiasm.

The story line was something of a surprise for Future Husband and I. del Toro is known for his ambiguous story lines and this one was pretty straightforward. Which is probably why it was my favorite. It displayed a classic form of an abusive relationship and a sweet murder mystery as well as a really wackadoodle family background. Plus… ghosts!

I can’t say much more without giving anything away but if you’ve never seen a del Toro film, go see this one. The stunning visuals should be enough to draw you in but if that’s not enough the cast is pretty amazing and so is the plot! It is rated R and I definitely don’t recommend bringing the young ones with you.

I’m giving it a 9/10 while Rotten Tomatoes scores it 6.5/10.


What is your favorite Guillermo del Toro film and why?






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