April Update


  • Wrestlemania – The only sportsballs I’ll watch enthusiastically. I shall clap for everyone my Mom is not rooting for, just for fun. Went to Wrestlemania last year, at the Levi’s Stadium and it was phenomenal. A lot more of my era of wrestlers are being inducted into the HOF so that’s pretty cool for me. Nostalgia!
  • CSI NY – Raced through CSI MIAMI because it was fun and there were so many bad one-liners that I’m having a harder time getting through this location. Maybe it’s cause they’re only barely just beginning to show the characters having fun. And once again, start using the completely inappropriate one-liners.
  • Brooklyn 9-9 – Future Husband suggested this comedy because I love all those murder shows but nothing beats Terry Cruz as a detective that put himself on desk-work because once he started a family he got too scared to be out on the field. He killed a mannequin. And a pinata.
  • Scream Queens – Although I started watching this when it first aired, I was unable to keep up with it and missed the last half. It is both horrifying and hilarious and all around amazing. The homages to all the slasher flicks is great and I love the fashion.


  • the Oxford Inheritance by Ann A. McDonald – It’s a mystery, surprise surprise. I won this copy off of Goodreads.com and I’ve been slow to get into it. So far. But I always give my books a 25-50 page chance.
  • the Jungle by Upton Sinclair – I’ve been dreaming of reading this book ever since my 8th grade history teacher taught us the word “muckraker” and proceeded to read a graphic passage about the (un)sanitary conditions of the meatpacking industry while he ate an uncooked hotdog.


  • Not much. I’m too poor because its the first week of the month and rent is due. However, social media informed me of a local winery that sells Barrymore Wines, which is Drew Barrymore’s family. I have always adored her and now I have to hunt this down and try it, once payday hits. Whether I like it or not will not impact my adoration for her.
  • I still love chocolate muffins from COSTCO. In case you’re wondering.


  • Hardcore Henry: A movie about a man who’s sort of died but been brought back to life as hybrid human/android by his wife? I can’t say no. And it’s shot from his perspective.
  • Star Wars: Force Awakens: It will be available on BLU-RAY/DVD this month and I’m so freaking excited. Except that I would feel bad buying that when we still DON’T own any of the other ones.
  • No video games that snag my attention this month.


What is everyone into this April?




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