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This weeks post is inspired by my buddy’s Joey and Avalon, husband and wife team, Youtube channel Geek House .

One of Avalon’s recent Wifetastic Wednesday’s epsiodes,  featured information on comics books she recently acquired: Wifetastic Wednesday – Comic Bookshelf. Although I haven’t purchased any comics recently, I wanted to write about some of my favorites that I already own/have read. Also, I realize that some of these are probably considered “Graphic novels” but I use the terms comics/graphic novels interchangeably because I’m not that particular.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac – Jhonen Vasquez

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

First comic I ever sought out was the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, when I was in middle school. My super goth friend Emily was teaching me the ways of the dark side (not Sith style) and Jhonen Vasquez had just the right amount of gore/sarcastic humor for me. My favorite character happened to be Johnny’s neighbor, who he nicknames Squee. I can read this one over and over and still see something new every time.

Buffy Omnibus (Omnibusi?) – Multiple Authors

Buffy omnibus

I love the Buffy omnibus(es/i)! Especially the first one, it’s a great continuation from the movie to the tv show and it also has stories for familiar characters from the show. Also, after the tv show ended, they continued to create the series in comic book form (same for Angel). SIDE NOTE — I also adore the Fray series, by Joss Whedon, which is a futuristicly set comic with a woman named Melaka Fray who was the first Slayer to be called in a long time. PS: She gets to use Buffy’s Scyth/Stake from the final season of BtVS.

Marvel’s Civil War series – Multiple Authors

Civil War

 Before the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie came out, Future Husband suggested that I read the Civil War core comics, because he guessed that that was where the movies were headed. I say guessed, but he read them before and thought I would enjoy them, which I did. Although, I really enjoyed the series, it was a huge eye opener on how quickly partners/friendships can switch sides. Side note, this was my first time reading any Marvel Comics. I’d really like to start with some origin stories. Same on DC side.

Madame Mirage – Paul Dini

Madame Mirage

I think I was at the library one day and was just cruising the comic book section and saw this badass babe trying to seduce me into taking her home. Well, it worked. I was very impressed with the story – magic, technology, and a ton of mystery. She’d be a lot of fun to cosplay but I’ve to make a serious set of fake boobs to make it work. Femme Fatale to the extreme!

Ghost World – by Daniel Clowes

Ghost World

Without trying to sound too cliche, this comic is quirky. I like the indie style and I like the complete odd, almost to the point of bizarre, characters. The muted colors are not what you normally see in comics and that’s probably why it caught my eye. Also, the movie is just as weird.

Walking Dead series – Robert Kirkman


I happen to love the show. I love love love the show. However, I couldn’t get access to the individual comics so I didn’t read them for the longest time. I managed to get all three compendiums in the course of 3 months so now I’m all caught up, as far as I’m concerned and am ready anything. Going into a comic about zombies and a sort of apocolypse type situation, you wouldn’t get attached to characters. But that is not in my nature. And of course my favorite character gets killed. It’s usually the humans you have to worry about, not the zombies.

As stated above, I’d love to start reading more origin stories of the superheros from Marvel/DC. I’d particularly like to read more about Harley Quinn, the Joker, Batman, Fantastic Four, & Daredevil. I’m going to take up one of Avalon’s favorites and look into the Runaways. Future Husband suggests that I get into the Fable series, so I think I’d like to check that out too.

Any comments? What are your favorite comics/graphic novels? Share below!


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  1. Love Daniel Clowes, here is a blog I did almost four years ago. They had an exhibit of his work at the Oakland Museum:


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