10 Bookish Facts About Me

This little ditty is borrowed from Traveling Geek Show ‘s most recent blog about their love of books.

As you may know, I happen to love books. If I could stack my To Read pile(s) it would probably be taller than me (and I’m 6’1”). I grew up at the library, between the pages of adventures, romance, and mystery.



  1. If there is a book jacket cover thing, I will take it off and leave it at home. They get in the way; they’re slippery and make too much noise.
  2. I may be considered a snob for this, but I prefer to buy books without movie covers. I feel like they are too distracting.
  3. I’ve decided that if being a social worker does not work out, I will go back to school and become a librarian.
  4. Although I’m a huge fan of the alphabet for a sorting system, I usually sort my books genre, with hardbacks first and then paperbacks.
  5. I cannot resist the book section at Goodwill, no matter how many books I have in my to-read pile(s).
  6. I love classics the most (Persuasion, Jane Eyre, Little Women)
  7. I will always have a book on my person (or within reach – in my car).
  8. After reading a heavy book (emotional, tough topics, etc) I will read something that I consider complete fluff, like a $3 romance novel, to balance out mentally.
  9. When I borrow books from the library, I usually won’t return them until I’m done. Which means I hang on to them, not re-checking them out, late fee’s piling up.
  10. Once a year I will go through my bookshelf and get rid of any books that I no longer desire  (which isn’t much).


Do you have any book quirks you want to share with me? Comment below!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. How can you part with your books?! I even keep the ones I hated.


    1. It comes down to the probability of me ever reading them ever again. When I donate them back to Goodwill or Savers, I feel like they have a chance of going to a good home. Someone that might appreciate them more than I do.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You donate them?! That’s actually great! 🙂


  2. Emma says:

    I admire that you sort your books – mine are just randomly stacked on the bookshelves, lol!


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