DC Delirium: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

For the longest time, I refused to watch anything related to Superman. I thought, as a superhero, he was practically perfect. And that made me dislike him so much. Also, the idea that only a pair of glasses could really hide someone’s identity was ridiculous. Just like Hannah Montana and her wig. But I gave in and watched the recent first Superman film and absolutely adored it. So, naturally, I got excited when they announced another one. MY HEART DROPPED OUTTA MY HEAD THOUGH. He was going to face my absolute most favorite-ist hero of all time (an opinion that has yet to change since the mid90’s), BATMAN. Don’t worry guys, my heart and my head turned out to be alright once I saw the trailer. It just took a little while to get used to what I was seeing.



Let’s just get this particular casting thing out in the light. I have never been a supremely huge fan of Ben Affleck. Although, I may be one of the few people that actually enjoyed Daredevil (the director’s cut), I’ve still never been a fangirl of his. So, as he embarked on the journey to play MY favorite superhero, I was skeptical. However, he really made the duality of Bruce Wayne/Batman work for this film, despite the ridiculousness of one of the Batsuits. Don’t be surprised that he’s a little bit older, intense, and more violent. I happen to enjoy the darker, grittier DC feel. Plus, we can now call him Batfleck. So there’s that.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Jeremy Irons as one of the coolest Alfreds yet.

I don’t know why it was difficult for me to watch Lois Lane be a sort of “damsel in distress” type character this film around. She was such a stubborn powerhouse in the first one that I felt, although still stubborn, that some of that spark got lost. Maybe they gave it all to WonderWoman. But then again, maybe not. I wasn’t that impressed with her.

I liked Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Just the right amount of money, smarts, and crazy to pull it off. He can seem rather obnoxious/annoying sometimes, but I hope there’s more.

ALSO! The ending completely surprised me. I loved that the movie was basically a set up for the Justice League, but damn if that ending didn’t make my eyes leak a bit. Future Husband recently purchased the Ultimate Edition with roughly an extra half hour of the film that really makes it mo’ betta’ so it’s possible that my overall feeling of the movie can be swayed.

I’d give this movie a 6.5/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 4.9/10.

What did you think about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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