August Update

It should come to no surprise that August has started off with a spectacular bang, especially since I just got MARRIED! That’s right readers, Future Husband is now Foxy Husband. But more on that later. Today’s post is just a simple update to check in and see what everyone is up to!


  • Stranger Things, season 1 on Netflix: This show is taking the world by the storm and I’m wrapped up in it. It is set in the 1980’s with a Goonies meets Twin Peaks vibe. There is a mysterious government testing facility, possibly dark matter, and some sort of creature. I’ve only seen half the season. My favorite characters are Eleven and Dustin. It reminds me of Steven Speilberg & Stephen King, if they made a love child tv show.
  • Supernatural, season 8 on Netflix: I didn’t start watching this show until the were well into their 10th season on normal television. My favorite Winchester is papa Winchester and my favorite hunter is Bobby. I struggled to get through seasons 4, 5, and 6. I’ve stuck around for some key characters that have invaded my Tumblr, mainly, Cass, Charlie, and Crowley. I’m a serious Dean/Cass shipper and I love all the comments from fellow characters about their relationship.
  • Xena: Warrior Princess, season 3 on Netflix: As I continue my 90’s tv odyessy, it makes sense that after Hercules, Xena would happen. For some reason, this show feels like it’s a lot slower than Hercules. However, I love the Karl Urban appearances, and the not so subtle relationship between Gabriel and Xena. I’ve loved Gabriel’s transformation the most.



  • Up In the Air by Walter Kirn: I love the movie and had no idea it was a book till I saw the paperback copy at Goodwill (where I get most of my books these days, unless I win them off of It’s from George Clooney’s character perspective, so I often find myself reading it but hearing his voice tell the story. I’m only roughly 50 pages in but I like it.
  • Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple: This book was both quirky and mysterious. It’s written in a series of letters, email, papers, and such, which is my favorite style of book. Its about a artist mom who disappears after what appears to be a series of mini-meltdowns. The book is humorous and a little sad, after seeing someone with serious social anxiety issues go down the rabbit hole.



  • I’ve cut out Costco chocolate muffins from my diet. My body stopped processing them and now I have ones that are half the size/calories and still as good.
  • Silver Tequila: It was my choice for the wedding and we have this giant Costco size bottle after so yay!



  • Well, Foxy Husband and I got married! That happened.
  • Foxy Husband will hopefully start his new job by the end of August.
  • With the new job, we begin new home hunting as well.
  • I also start my last semester of college. Ever. So there’s that.
  • We’ve seen Suicide Squad, but hopefully we’ll get to see the new Star Trek movie as well.


What are you looking forward to this August?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Diego says:

    Congrats dude!! Also Stranger Things is sooo awesome.


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