Marvel Madness: Captain America – Civil War (2016)

What a better way to open up to the month of May than with one of the hunkiest super hero’s of all time? Captain America ya’ll! Okay, lets be fair here. It’s mostly the super sexy strong arms that make me all gooey like a school girl. This movie… boy was it a doozy on my heart hole.



One of my first thoughts about the trailer of this movie was, “Why aren’t they calling it an Avengers film?” Because of course, nearly everyone is there  (sans your favorite Norse god and green science bro) AND new characters.

I’ll tell you what. It’s more complicated than just adding a few new characters and super cool fight scenes. The weight of their decisions are coming under fire, not only from the people that have asked them multiple times to save the world, but also from the people that need protecting. Not only are there outside forces questioning their every move, past and present, the heroes themselves every action they do.

They are asked to sign a massive treaty, the Sokovia Accords, that would essentially keep the heroes regulated by the US government (via United Nations rules) and responsible for the destruction/aftermath. Sign and become regulated or don’t sign it, and become a fugitive (thus breaking the law and eligible for arrest). This goes on to divide the heroes within the film (including several members of the Avengers original gang) and creates utter chaos between friends.

There is also a deeper level of loyalty and trust at stake here between the awkward bro triangle of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Bucky Barnes. Steve is stuck between wanted to protect his friend, because he’s all “Dude, Bucky’s been my bro since before I was supermegafoxyhot.” And on the other side, he’s all “Dude, we totally need to be more aware that our actions have tremendous consequences, especially after Ultron.”

The movie isn’t all seriousness and fights. There are cute moments, like  Vision and the Scarlet Witch bonding and of course, Spiderman just being Spidey. Also, the looks between Sam and Bucky (totes jealous of each other). Current consensus amongst Foxy Husband and most of his friends is that “Winter Soldier is the best of Captain America’s films,” and I’m inclined to agree. However, I did enjoy this one.

I’d give it an 8/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 7.6/10.

What did you think? Love it? Hate it? Comment below!


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