Fall/Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

It has come to my attention, that at nearly 28 years old, I should start dressing a little more appropriately for my age/career choice. As much as I love tshirts with cute skirts and leggings, it’s time I acquire an adult like wardrobe. Not saying I’m getting rid of my super rad Gallifrey University tshirt or my awesome DX pajama boxers, just saying that it’s time I aim for a slightly more sophisticated wardrobe with classic styles (that I enjoy). It’s about time I bite the bullet and save up for a pair of pants. Or possibly two.

After I purge my closet and dresser, I will aim to add the following pieces to my wardrobe. My goal is to find everything under $100.00 because I still have a hard time justifying paying more than that for any item of clothing [super special occasions or the exception].

Classic Trench Coat – $83.00


I own a rather oversized, tan trench coat that I don’t know whether to get tailored or just donate. This one however, comes in black (which is my favorite color to wear besides purple), double breasted with fully functioning pockets. This jacket is DRY CLEAN ONLY which would be another thing to get used to but worth it since I want my newer pieces to last quite some time. A trench coat is super classic and can pull together any outfit, IMO. The price is good considering I am a ways off from affording Burberry.

Sweater With Elbow Patches – $18.99


I love sweaters with elbow patches. It’s probably my inner librarian that screams from them. Don’t let this picture confuse you. I wanted a sweater that could actually keep me warm [unlike most women’s tops] and this brand comes in several colors! It is only available at Macy’s but that’s alright. And, as shown in the picture, this one is layerable.

Sweater Dress – $59.50


With the cold weather coming up, it seems logical that I would want to find a sweater dress that could be worn at the office or jazzed up for a night out. I like that it isn’t one solid color with minimal design. I found this one at Dress Barn.

Faux Fur Vest – $29.99


Okay, so I bought one of these on eBay last year only to realize too late that it was manufactured from a country where the sizes were 2x too small. And I had bought the largest they offered. So I have never worn it but I still really want one. This one is from H&M and the pockets are real. WIN!

Sequin Party Dress – $20.00


Every once and while I try to challenge myself outside my comfort zone and this dress would be it. However, I love the shiny sparkly glitteryness of the sequins and paired the ombre effect. makes it kind of amazing. It does look a little thin and I am kind of concerned that I might be too tall for it but that’s what shorts are for. It wouldn’t require much jewelry and it’s something I would definitely wear more than once. I’m not sure I’ve ever shopped at Charlotte Russe but it be worth a try for this dress.

Lace Up Boots – $34.99


First of all, how exciting is it to find a pair of simple lace up boots, in multiple colors, in a size larger than 10?! I find it more and more disturbing that big stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohls barely sells size 10’s anymore, let alone anything larger for those of us in the 12+ range. Payless has increased the larger women’s shoes to more than just orthopedic work shoes and sneakers; they’ve included stylish and trendy shoes. It’s been wonderful! These come with a 1 and 1/4 inch heel, which means I won’t wear mine out and a padded layer on the inside.

Evening Wristlet – $25


It became painfully obvious to me this year that I didn’t own a single purse/wristlet/evening bag. Before jumping directly into glittery, sequined, rhinestoned pretties, I found this solid black with simple gold edges that would be perfect for just about any occasion. The strap is detachable in case I don’t want it to hang off my hand all night. Charming Charlie’s always has purses and bags that I want.

I thought about adding leggings to my wishlist but I’ll buy those any time of the year.

 What about you? Did my list inspire you? Comment below or link to your blogpost!


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