12 Days of Christmas

As much as you may be trying to avoid it, the festive winter holidays are upon us! Usually that means holiday parties, gift exchanges, White Elephant games, etc. So I thought I would provide a handy list of gifts, $20 and under, for the movie – book – science & tech minded friend for you!


Tyrion – That’s What I Do, I Drink and I Know Things beer mug $12

Team Negan tshirt $17.95

Stranger Things Coloring Book $9.11

Marvel Hairbows $8.99 each

DC Bombshells Infinity Scarf $14.99


Classic Book Pillows $14.99 each

Reading is Sexy sticker/decal $5.00

Personal Library Kit $13.20

Book Lovers journal $12.26

How to Start a Book Club book $10.00


Marvel Avengers Compact Power Bank $9.67

Classic Console Controller USB $14.99 to $19.99

LED Constellation Projector $17.99

Boogie Board E-Writer Notepad $19.99

Kaleidoscope Glasses $19.99


Though there are so many more gifts out there to give in the world, this list rounds up a few gems to give under $20.00. Hopefully this helped you find something for that unique person in your life.


Liked the list? Want me to add more? Comment below!


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