Ghostbusters (2016)

I knew I was going to enjoy this film after seeing the trailer but Foxy Husband was a bit apprehensive because the original trilogy was a big part of his childhood (he grew up on 80’s films and Bill Murray). I didn’t understand the shade being thrown at the film before anyone ever saw it but such is life. I thought it was a good combination of supernatural/comedy with some solid throwbacks to the original.


I thought I’d just get this out of the way: the big bad was kind of vague and a little silly but it’s powers of possession did make for an interesting credit scene. It left something to be desired but it wasn’t disappointing.

I thought the cast was great for their characters. I’ve been a fan of Melissa McCarthy since she played Sookie on Gilmore Girls, Kristen Wiig since Saturday Night Live/Adventureland, Kate McKinnon since Saturday Night Live, and this was the first film I had seen Leslie Jones in with leading role — so that was exciting! It was nice seeing Chris Helmsworth play the beefcake.

The cameos from the Ghostbusters gang, from the 1984 original, (minus Rick Moranis) was phenomenal! Even Harold Ramis, who passed away two years ago, managed to get an homage in the form a statue at the college!


I did enjoy most of the ghosts and the new technology but the character of Jillian Holtzmann really stole the movie for me. I left the theater trying to figure out if I wanted to be her or be WITH her. Because she’s just the right mix of smart, quirky, and crazy and I love her fashion.


I definitely give it an 8/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gives it 6.5/10.

What did you think? Enjoy it or hate it? Comment below!


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