New Year – New Changes

Original title, yeah?

Let’s be honest, most people expect a blog entry like this within the first week of the new year, I’m just getting it done on the first day.

Okay, what to expect for Freckled Magic & Bananas:

As some of you may have noticed, I have already implemented some changes to my the blog. New layout, new navigation bar titles, more structure in review posts. Although my blog didn’t start out as an entertainment review blog, it morphed into such movie and book nerdness that it seemed appropriate to go full fledged with it. I’ve always been a fan of letting my freak flag fly, so this year, I aim to let it fly higher by adding a few more bits and baubles.

I will be posting roughly 3x a week, with specials like the Strong Women series and Cage Fever (where I dive into the rabbit hole of all movies Nicolas Cage). I’m going to start including movies that I have never seen that aren’t watched in theaters. I realized that I lost out on reviewing all those gems this year and decided to change that. I have also jumped on the 5 Fandom Friday bandwagon, as some of you may have noticed.

I also hope to include more book reviews this year as I have a massive to read pile and cannot keep away from the library. I won’t review books from series unless I’ve already reviewed the first one though. I don’t like seeing a critique posted for the sequel and not being able to find the first one; pet peeve I guess. Just with books though.

I’ll start including a monthly special of Anna Does DIY – where I adventure into domestic goddess territory via cooking/sewing. It will ultimately have some sort of nerdy/geeky connection to keep it relatable to readers. Here’s hoping I don’t burn myself making Chupacabra Shepard’s Pie or stab myself too much with all those damn little pins making a Captain America themed apron.

I like the changes I have already made and hope to see more visitors and comments this year, but honestly, I have so much fun just writing that it isn’t entirely about the numbers.

Is there anything you want to see on Freckled Magic & Bananas?



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