5 Fandom Friday

I briefly mentioned in New Year – New Changes something called Cage Fever. What better way to enter a New Year than with madness with one of the most nutty actors out there?

Foxy Husband and I have this theory about Nicolas Cage: Every Cage in every film he’s ever done is actually a different Nicolas Cage (whether they be clones or multiple twins, we don’t care). It could possibly explain his incredible range of super freaking crazy to almost normal.

These are my favorite Cage films, in no particular order:



National Treasure (2004)

Despite it’s historical inaccuracies, I love the whole feel of this historical family drama. The developing romance, though predictable, is cute. The cementing friendship is comical and the father/son drama makes the whole “LET’S SEARCH FOR HISTORICAL GOLD” more exciting. The nemesis, is greedy and believable but also, nearly as smart as the main character. Also, at some point, Cage says, “I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence!” You can’t go wrong with that scenario. At all.



Kickass (2010)

This movie, despite it’s superhero/super-villain complex, is no family movie. Language alone is enough to make Captain America blush. And probably get up and leave the theater. Big Daddy, what a name, was actually kind of a cool dad, considering what they did in their spare time; him and his daughter, Hit Girl,. Though, he did look pretty ridiculous in his wanna-be Batman suit.



Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

This is probably the first  Nicolas Cage film I ever saw and I loved it! He plays an older brother that takes up an old and dangerous hobby to save his younger brother’s life. I loved the humor, the cars, the cast, and the soundtrack. I fell in love with classic Mustangs after watching this film.



Wild at Heart (1990)

Two things I love in this movie that won me over: Elvis songs and love stories that involve assassins. Oh and Laura Dern. Technically that’s three things but she’s gorgeous. And that snakeskin jacket, not featured in this picture, was actually Nicolas Cage’s. Plus he did his own singing.



Con Air (1997)

The tremendous cast made this movie so wonderful! Despite going to jail for physically defending his pregnant wife against and attacker, he’s a humble man. With a mighty mullet. He’s one of the few trustworthy fellas on the plane that isn’t hell bent on dustruction, so that’s good too.


Did you enjoy any of these films? Any of your favorites that didn’t make my list? Comment below!


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