2017 Northern California Conventions, Faires, Meetups, and Events

As a self proclaimed geek I thought it important to point out the upcoming conventions in Northern California (where I am located — somewhere). Since I’ve only been to the NorCal Renaissance Faire, the Dicken’s Faire, and the Salinas Valley Comic Con, I thought maybe I’d try to expand my horizons. Though I can’t afford to go to all these events, it’ll remain a nice record of the ones I wouldn’t mind visiting.



The Edwardian Ball – San Francisco

A two day event where you can shop, be entertained, and dance the night away. Family friendly, but not all shows are (kind of some dark humor and probably adult themes). Costumes are highly encouraged. Steampunk is strong at this ball.



San Jose Sharks game – San Jose

Now, I’m not much into sports. But I rather enjoy watching people on death traps (aka, ice skates) skate back and forth flinging around a little puck whilst being encouraged to fight. That being said, I’ve never been to game before so I’m hoping for my birthday this month, we’ll attend a brutal, yet impressive force that is hockey.



Walker Stalker Con – San Francisco

This convention, which is all about the Walking Dead, it’s stars, and the fans, is a two day event that has gained a tremendous amount of buzz over the past few years. This year is showing appearances by some major fan favorites from TWD including Norman Reedus (Daryl), Michael Cudlitz (Abraham aka GI Ginger), and Josh McDermitt (Eugene) as well as guests from Sons of Anarchy, like Ron Perlman (Clay), Tommy Flannigan (Chibs), and Ryan Hurst (Opie). They’ve also got voice actors, comic book artists, and tattoo artists. This convention offers meet and greets, panels, and photo ops. Cosplay is especially wonderful for the little kids.


Silicon Valley Comic Con – San Jose

SVCC aims to engage pop culture fans and modern science/technology. This years theme is all about space exploration, where the majority of the guests are from Star Trek (William Shatner) as well as actual astronauts (Buzz Aldrin), super science geek Adam Savage (MythBusters), and horror favorite Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger).



Wizard World – Sacramento

The website doesn’t reveal much about what is happening for this event. Just that Lou Ferrigno (the Hulk) and the Sean Gunn (Gilmore Girls, Guardians of the Galaxy) are the two main liners right now. Boasts an Artist Alley and photo ops.


Monterey Comic Con – Monterey

Another small town comic convention, much like the Salinas Valley Comic Con 2016. But the difference is that it is held at the local conference center and not the student center in the college. I think this shows potential.


Gotham City Black and White Ball – Alameda

This PEERS SOCIETY event sounds like an opportunity for mayhem and shenanigans. This particular dance is dedicated to the gritty alternate DC BATMAN universe television show, Gotham. It’s period is based on between the 1930’s-1960’s and is all about the swing music. Though the PEERS SOCIETY puts on one ball a month (or so) this particular one whispers to me. It sounds like the perfect time to embrace my inner Arkham Asylum escapee and go wild!


Castroville Artichoke Food & Wine Festival – Monterey

I forgot to admit up top that one year, I did attend the Gilory Garlic Festival. It was hot, everything was overpriced, and it felt like a waste of time/money. Plus I got sunburned. I’m hoping that since I love Artichokes and Wine, that maybe I’d get more for my money at this festival. Plus, it’s held at the local fair grounds, where they have many different buildings. Which means shade. YAY!



Monterey Scottish Games & Celtic Festival – Monterey County

I’ve always wanted to go to the Scottish Festival: the clans, the kilts, and the pipes! Oh my! They’ve got games, highland dancers, clan rivalries, and of course, athletic games!


Salinas Valley Food & Wine Festival

I happen to enjoy a good glass of white wine so it seems appropriate that I would like to attend a low-key food & wine festival. Someday I may be rich enough for the Pebble Beach or Big Sur’s Food and Wine festivals. But that day isn’t today. SVFW Festival is free to get in with live entertainment, cooking demonstrations, and best of all, local wine/beer to taste!



San Francisco Comic Con – San Francisco

The website is still under construction. Not a whole lot of info is available; no celebrities, artists, or anything yet. Too early for them I suppose. I imagine that it is like most conventions with meet and greets, panels, and photo ops.



Campbell Con – Campbell:

It’s a one day, all genres convention full of comics, costumes, and appearances from celebrities (last years roster was Power Ranger heavy), artists, and musicians. It’s cheap, $10 if you buy early, and could be a fun day adventure. Another small convention but it seems like it could be fun!

Any conventions listed that look like fun? Planning on attending one no on the list? Comment below!


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  1. helenvella says:

    They all look quite exciting to go to, unfortunately I do not live there but great post and information.


  2. Joanna says:

    Very interesting post, too bad I can’t be there


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