January Update & Birthday Wishlist

Seeing as how I failed to complete a 5 Fandom Friday last week *cough cough* I realize that I should probably post something today!



Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister – by Gregory Maguire (Having a hard time putting it down, which is the complete opposite on how I felt about Out of Oz)


Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe – by Mike Massimino (Hilarious autobiography!)


Netflix got rid of Murder She Wrote (for the time being) so I have been binge watching the following —


Second season Hawaii 5-O reboot. I love the sweet mix of Lost/Heroes actors. When John Locke came back I screamed like a little girl. I know that Hurley becomes a semi-regular eventually and I will probably squeal in delight. I recognize that these are not their Hawaii 5-O character names but I do not care. Also, I thought I saw a commercial with the youngest Lawrence brother (swoon).


Fourth season CSI (Vegas). I’ve seen most of the first 7 seasons, but mostly out of order. So now I’m going through and watching them for storyline purposes.


Occasionally, I watch an episode of Dawson’s Creek (season 4 I believe).


Plus, the new Series of Unfortunate Events via Netflix! Quite excellent book series being translated into a great show.


This amazing recipe of a breaded, baked, pesto chicken (which my husband paired with roasted potatoes and a simple salad). Baked Pesto Chicken



My last semester of school! I’ve got a sexy new planner to keep me on track and have only two classes left.


52 Weeks Savings Challenge — Admittedly, I have two weeks already under my belt. It’s not much, but $10 a week will hopefully start to add up. I’m considering alternating $10/$20 to amp up the process but it depends on work.


Paying off my credit card debt. I am (almost) embarrassed to admit that I made some financial planning mistakes. So this is the year to fix that. As Foxy Husband and I start discussing starting a family, now is the time to fix mistakes.



Great segue-way! I don’t want for much but I do want to go to Shark’s game [that is hockey in case anyone is wondering]. I’m not much for sports but I’ll try to give everything a chance at least once. But on the off chance that someone wants to buy me a present, I shall now share with you a (not so secret) wish list.


Books! I love books. Easy Minimalist Living: 30 Days to Declutter, Simplify, and Organize Your Home Without Driving Everyone Crazy – by Jennifer Nicole, The Photographer’s Guide to Posing: Techniques to Flatter Everyone — by Lindsay Adler, or In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs — by Grace Bonney.


Car Phone Mount! New law in California says you cannot, for any reason, be holding your phone while you’re driving. So I shall give in and get a window mount. It’ll be safer anyways, when I use the GPS mode.


Planner supplies, via Amazon or Etsy. As mentioned before, my sexy planner is awesome, but I cannot do lettering worth crap to make it prettier. So with some stickers, labels, and such, I can make it much more festive and exciting.

What are you up to this month? Comment below!


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