5 Fandom Friday

The newest Sherlock got me thinking about my favorite fictional doctors. I haven’t had a chance to actually see it but the interwebs is twitterpated about it, so it all works out.

Here is a list of my all time favorite fictional doctors! I decided to avoid any doctor shows as it felt too obvious but Scrubs and ER had some great candidates.



Dr. Emmett Brown (Doc Brown) from the Back to the Future series

His beautiful brainy eccentrics just make me so happy. His ability to create a time traveling DeLorean is amazing, especially since, although he is regarded as a rather smart scientist, he is also considered absent-minded and mildly old fashioned. I like when he says “GREAT SCOTT!”


Professor Xavier (Doctor Charles Xavier) from X-Men

With the emergence of his telepathic powers and natural eagerness for knowledge, Professor X maintains a vast amount of knowledge in genetics, biophysics, psychology,, anthropology, and psychiatry. I like that he decides to use his powers and knowledge to open a school for young mutants; to help them become better students, people, and how to use their powers.


The Doctor from Doctor Who

Alright, so this may be a bit of a stretch (I do feel as if this is cheating a bit) but to be fair, he is one person — just reincarnated several times over. The Doctor is equipped with knowledge of the past, present, and future of many homes, planets, languages, peoples, and species. His adventures into the galaxies are fun and dangerous.


Amy (Doctor Fowler) from the Big Bang Theory

One of my favorite things about Amy is that she is smart and refuses to hide it (most of the time). I enjoyed watching her come out of her shell a bit, discovering how to interact socially with others via “experiments/theories”. She’s one hell of a neurobiologist — I’d trust her to study my brain but she’s too busy teaching monkey’s to smoke.


Krieger (Doctor Algernop Krieger) from Archer

Although technically not a doctor, Krieger performs the duties of a doctor on the show. As well as a mad scientist. He is my favorite character from this animated series and I’m always excited to see what he’s working on next/hear about whatever experimental drug he did last. Krieger is abnormal, smart, and quite possibly a clone. He is borderline creepy as well, but that just makes him more interesting to me.


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