Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke

A recent trip to the library with my husband landed with me checking this out; I had asked for his advice one which one to read first. My superfoxyawesome friend Chelsea adores this author so I thought it was time I read one of his books.


First off, I was not prepared for the vulgarity of the book. I was almost put off at first, but I once I realized that the author doesn’t hold back, it became easier to read. Second, it’s not a child friendly book in any way.


Choke’s main character, Vincent, had an alternative and rough childhood which lead him to be a con artist and a sex addict. He works as at a colonial reenactment museum, with one of his only friends Denny, and visits his mom in a nursing home while trying to make peace with his rocky past. It’s honest, depressing, and somewhat eccentric. I feel like I can read Palahniuk’s Fight Club now and my friends will be less confused when I say that while I don’t care for the movie, I read the book.


Choke was adapted to film by Clark Gregg (writer/director) in 2008. It stars Sam Rockwell as Victor, Brad William Henke as Denny, and Angelica Houston as Denny’s Mom. Chuck Palahniuk makes a small cameo appearance towards the end of the film. Rotten tomatoes gives it a 5.6/10.

Have you read Choke? What did you think? Other Palahniuk books you enjoyed? Comment below!


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