Five Fandom Friday

As I begin the last semester of university, I am reminded of back to school shopping (even though it is more of a “FALL” concept in stores). So I thought I’d present fictional character’s closets that I covet instead. It’s a combination of window shopping and outfit inspiration.

Here are five characters whose closets/outfits I covet.


Belle from Once Upon A Time

My backup plan in life is to become a librarian, and if that happens, I would love her wardrobe. It’s feminine without being supremely girly or showy. The only thing that I would change is her shoes. I dislike heels and could never walk around in them like Emily de Ravin. I also enjoy her Fairytale Land outfits as well.


Cher from Clueless

Chere’s style is classic, especially if you grew up on this film like I did. It’s both flirty and preppy but very well put together. Other outfits of love include the valley party red dress and the white date outfit. Perhaps if I invested in some well tailored plaid, I could walk around with her confidence.


the Doctor from Doctor Who

I rather enjoy a three piece suit. I also really enjoy the evolution of the Doctor’s style. There is usually a distinct coat and  a neck accessory (tie or scarf). Women have been known to wear men’s suits with mad style and I hope to achieve the same some day. Plus, bowties are cool.


Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl

This is of course, Lil J after she ditched her school uniform and started her dark path. It jumps out and screams at my alternative side. I went through most of middle school and parts of high school totally into the Tripp wear and black and fishnet and safety pins. I never had her casual style or her racoon eyes (thank you) or her short hem lines (woah there Lil J) but I just adore her looks.


Miranda from Lizzie McGuire

Though I would probably classify Miranda as a happy goth (look at all those colors), I’d say that she was pretty influential in my style dreams. Especially at 12 years old when all I wanted was the fishnet. While I wore more black, I admired her mix of prints, bright colors, and wicked awesome hairstyles. I liked her style way more than Lizzie’s. I wish I had that confidence to wear such bold patterns/styles together today.


Who’s closets would you like to borrow clothes from? Comment below!


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