Cage Fever: Vampire’s Kiss (1989)

As mentioned at the beginning of the year, New Year – New Changes, I have decided to begin this crazy train by watching all of Nicolas Cage’s films. Who would subject themselves to such madness? ME. I semi-jokingly described this journey as an exploration of madness — since my country’s going mad (the USA) I figured that in order to keep up, I should go mad as well.

My husband and I have this theory about Nicolas Cage: every single movie he makes is actually a different Nicolas Cage — whether he is a twin (or multiples of more) or he is cloned or whatever it is — it just is. It would cover the explanation on why he’s so nutty in most of his movies.

Foxy Husband thought I should start with Vampire’s Kiss. He could not have been more right.


Vampire’s Kiss was directed by Robert Bierman, who has directed A Merry War (1997) and several episodes of tv’s Walking Dead. It was written Joseph Minion, who wrote After Hours (1985) and On the Run (1999). It stars Nicolas Cage (Peter Loew), Maria Conchita Alonso (Alva), Jennifer Beals (Rachel), and Elizabeth Ashley (Dr. Glaser).


Peter, a publishing executive, goes out to a nightclub and picks up a woman, Rachel. She’s a biter in bed and when he starts to feel weird the next day, he starts to believe Rachel was a vampire. He starts to act bizarre and dramatic; over the top with a work assistant Alva while constantly dreaming about nights with Rachel. As an already slightly depressed and lonely person, his symptoms can only become more wild including stalking, harassment, and just out and out crazy conversations with people that don’t actually exist.


I can type this up right now in the fullest of of truth in honesty when I say that I asked Foxy Husband like 6 times within the first half hour of the film, “What the *bad word* is going on?” After I got past that and finally started watching the film and noticed the characters, I just stopped questioning the madness and went with it. And suddenly, while it was still crazy, I started to sort of enjoy the film. Although, I’m not going to go rush out and buy the film.

I give it a 5/10 while Rotten Tomatoes scores it 5.9/10.

Have you ever seen this movie? Did you like it/dislike it? Comment below!


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