Accidental Tourist (1988)

This suggested came from the Foxy Husband as a bit of a surprise. He’s not one for movies that sort of focus on the romance but for some reason, this one resonated for him. Perhaps it had something to do with leggy Geena Davis.


Accidental Tourist was directed by Lawrence Kasdan, known for Body Heat (1981), French Kiss (1995), and Dreamcatcher (2003). Fun fact! He’s more known for his contributions to the Star Wars movies as a writer! The movie, based on a book by Anne Tyler, was written by Frank Galati and the director, Lawrence Kasdan.


This film stars William Hurt (Macon Leary), Kathleen Turner (Sarah Leary), and Geena Davis (Muriel Pritchett). Supporting cast include Bill Pullman (Julian), Amy Wright (Rose Leary), David Odgen Stiers (Porter Leary), and Ed Begley Jr (Charles Leary).


After losing their child together, Sarah decides to leave Macon (who is a travel writer and is not home often enough). Macon meets Muriel, through a dogsitting gig. Muriel is very forward and determined to be with Macon despite his life being completely upside down, especially after he accidentally breaks his leg and his 3 brothers and sister move in with him to keep him company.


I rather enjoyed the film. It was heartbreaking and hilarious. The movie was big on overcoming loneliness, which the portrayed quite well. I thought it was easy to relate to the situations and feelings presented. Geena Davis’ character, Muriel, had a loud, and unique sense of style but she was very sure of herself and confident, which made her quite beautiful.

I give this movie a solid 8/10 but Rotten Tomatoes gives it 7.1/10.

Have you seen Accidental Tourist? Love it/hate it? Comment below!


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