5 Fandom Friday

The AT&T Pro-Am is an annual golfing event that has been going strong all week, despite the fog and rain here on the central coast. Celebrities pair up with golfer pros to play a game and raise money the day before the real golfing tournament begins. Bill Murray is one of those celebrities that shoes up almost every year.

So I thought, today’s 5FF will be my favorite Bill Murray movies (in no particular order)!

Ghostbusters (1984)


Billy Murray’s character and his scientist buddies open up a business in New York City investigating paranormal incidences that cannot be explained. He’s a slacker, sarcastic, and cynical but also determined and loving.

What About Bob? (1991)


Bill Murray plays a smart man who has an incredible amount of phobias who gets referred to a new therapist. He follows his new therapist on vacation and inserts himself into his new therapist. It becomes a test on whether Bill Murray’s character or his therapist is really the crazy one.

Lost in Translation (2003)


Bill Murray plays an aging actor hired for a job in Tokyo where he eventually befriends a young woman who is having a hard time figuring her life out. His character his honest, fun, and friendly.

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)


Billy Murray’s title character is a slightly eccentric oceanographer who gathers a rather odd team together to exact revenge on the Jaguar Shark that ate his partner. This movie is dark and humorous with just the right amount of ridiculousness to make it work.

Zombieland (2009)


Though Bill Murray isn’t a main character in this film, he plays himself during the post apocalyptic zombie takeover. The main gang end up at his house in search of refuge and Tallahassee, a huge fan, freaks like a giddy school girl.


I’d like to give a special mention to Space Jam (1996), because even though he wasn’t a super main character, he had significant screen time and I love his little umbrella hat.

Favorite Bill Murray movie didn’t make the list? Comment below!


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