Galentine’s Day 2017


This year, is my first year actively celebrating Galentine’s Day. This year, it just seemed to click that maybe my lady friends needed a fun reminder that they are supported and loved by their other lady friends. However, I am a fan of celebrate your lady friendships all year round, this is sounded like a fun thing to do.


All too often women are reminded that they aren’t good enough (through several different medias – books, magazines, television, websites) and often times, by other women. I think, somewhere along the way [I’d guess beginning of middle school], we are taught that we are supposed to compete with other over/for everything.

However, I find that best friendships do not put each other down when the other succeeds.


So, today, my lovely friend Tatiana and I are co-hosting a Galentine’s party! We’ll have snacks and beverages, play some rousing games of Cards Against Humanity, watch some chick flicks, craft like no other, and tell each other how amazing they are! Although we couldn’t offer it as a brunch, in a true Leslie Knope fashion, I am going to see if we can offer some toaster waffles (as a sweet tribute).


Here is a list of some of the most wonderful compliments to share with your lady friends, via Leslie Knope (champion of women).


How do you celebrate the women in your life? Comment below!


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