Birthday Bash and Health Update

Hello readers! It has been a week or so but I thought I’d supply you with a quick update.

As some of you are aware, I am a late 20’s adult with one of those awful chronic diseases that most people don’t start feeling till they’re 50. That’s right, arthritis! And it’s in my lower back. Flare ups are really hard and I feel like I’ve been in one roller coaster flare up for the past month. Or so.


So what does this mean? It means that normal activities can be hard on a regular basis (such as going on a walk, staying awake past 9pm, cooking/cleaning, etc), but during a flareup, they are so much harder. It means I’m coming home everyday and taking a nap because the constant aching pain drains me of my energy. It means I use a heating pad every night. It means I am easily irritable, which unfortunately, Foxy Husband takes the brunt of. It makes it harder for me to want to leave the house, which means canceling plans on occasion. And it effects my ability to really pay attention to my hobbies; like photography, writing, and this blog. So, I am sorry to say, this blog is one of the last on the list of things to do when in pain.

The other thing really effected by my back is sleep. I don’t sleep very well, which has been the norm for quite some time but there are mornings when I am woken up at 3am because my back hurts, forcing me to find a sleeping alternative (the couch or the guest bed). I am currently really tired of being tired. On top of the back business, I’ve been having an increasing amount of headaches/migraines, which could be from a plethora of reasons (some being poor nutrition, weather changes, stress, eye strain).


That aside, I was able to celebrate my day of birth by going up to San Jose with Foxy Husband and my two besties. I decided it was time to see a hockey game in person, in an attempt to try something new for my birthday, and the local team was the best place to start.


We tried following my stomach to a taco place, which was too difficult to find and then a bbq place, that was too expensive. We finally found this place called AFKgg Gamer Lounge, where you can rent video game systems while you eat and drink. They also have tournaments and game nights. The food was so good but it got busy really easily so service was sparse. I totally recommend the chocolate mousse dessert!


Though I’m not a huge sportsballs fan whatsoever, I figured that I enjoyed WWE wrestling so much, I could give hockey a try. I find it best described as sweaty men on blades of death gliding back and forth after a tiny puck. After this game, I am aware that it is so much more than that, but also not. First of all, I was really saddened to find out that games were so short. Second, beer makes it better. And last, I was saddened to see that, though tension rose quickly, no fights occurred. Also.. no flying V?! Home team lost the game, probably because I was there. The overall experience was a pleasant one.

Have you tried anything new lately? Comment below!


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