Belated Five Fandom Friday

In honor of (Old Man) Logan coming out in theaters today, I decided to share my favorite X-Men movie universe characters with everybody.



I was impressed with Logan/Wolverine the first time I saw him. But more importantly, I started to love him when he stole Scott’s/Cyclops’ motorcycle. The best part is of course, his muttonchops [that Hugh Jackman grows himself, not fake] – which is where is suspect all his real power comes from. He’s got the anti-hero attitude and mouth to follow. He’s incredibly lovable, despite his standoffish demeanor.



Something so beautiful about someone in search of a family, or at least somewhere she belongs and people that will accept her, because that is all she really wants. I love adult version and young version, both Rebecca Romijn and Jennifer Lawrence.



I was immediately drawn to Nightcrawler when he first showed up in the films. The ability to transport himself (and others) in and out of rooms in a second, the blueish ghost lines he left behind, and his faith despite his less than happy circus upbringing. Young Kurt in the later XMen films was very likeable as well.

Peter Mximoff/Quicksilver


Let’s be honest, Quicksilver is kind of how I imagine I would be if I had powers. Sarcastic, funny, totally chill, and just like “Well, I got time, so yeah, I can help you out. Just buy me some munchies after.” As the story progresses he maintains his sense of self while still understanding what is being asked of him and what he can do (as a sort of XMEN consultant).

Ororo Monroe/Storm


One of the big reasons I like Storm is because she’s been a constant voice of reason for the school [mutants] and humans. She really believes in Xavier’s school and the students and it’s probably because of her background in Egypt and getting her own help. Her powers are awesome and she’s so graceful!


Some of your favorite characters didn’t make the list? Comment below!



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  1. I love quicksilver. He’s so cool, especially in the new ones. I always thought telepathy would be awesome though, so professor x I think is pretty rad.


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