End of March Update

I know I have been posting sporadically and unpredictably. My health has been less than upstanding and it has prevented me from outings, events, relaxing, and quite honestly, thinking clearly. I will be attempting to get back on track with the Monday, Wednesday, & Friday schedule – as well as the themed posts, like Cage Fever and 5 Fandom Friday. Just wanted to start that off.


Spaceman by Mike Massimino: I’m still reading this, but have made tremendous leaps in the past couple of days. I was sidetracked by other books (Mindy Kalings fault really) but I’m back at it and will be done in probably two days most.

Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down by Anne Valente: This book is taking me longer to read than I thought would. It’s not bad it’s just, the main story is so relevent and relatable, and unfortunately, dark. It’s like when I was watching Breaking Bad — I could only watch 2 episodes at at time because it is so intense. That is what is like to read this book.


The Mindy Project – Season 3. I decided to start watching something that I had been interested in a long time after I roared through Hawaii 5-O. I immediately fell in love with this show; something about Mindy Kaling and her humor is absolutely on par with my life. I’m not as dramatic but given the chance, I’ll probably start saying, “How dare you” in that wonderful surprised, upset, and delusional tone.

CSI [Las Vegas] – Season 4. I am making my way slowly through the show, main reason being that is roughly 14 seasons long and that’s a lot of murder/rape/mystery going on. Also, it is the only CSI not on Netflix; which means I’m watching it with commercials via Hulu. I spoiled myself with Netflix so sometimes shows on Hulu take longer to get through.

Legion – New show, season 1. This show is blowing my mind! David Haller is supposedly the strongest mutant in existence with his powers to create worlds within worlds and memories (all in his mind) which in turn effect the real world around him. This show has done an impressively phenomenal job of showing such a questionable reality and I am so hooked even if I have no idea what is going on half the time.

Indiana Jones movies. I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark all the way through for the first time last year so I thought I would watch the rest of them.

EATING: Steakum sandwiches. A nice toasted hoagie roll with some mayo, mustard, and steakum slices. If I think ahead, I can include tater tots on the side 🙂


Not a whole to be honest. Just a bunch of work and school. Trying to find a regular doctor in the area covered by our insurance to get me and my husband checked up on — he needs to have the circulation in his leg/foot checked out, I need an update on my back, and we both need our eyes checked (which I know is a different doctor but still, you get the gist).


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