Marvel Madness: Logan (2017)

My husband and I saw this in theaters together, and then a week later my bestie saw it (without having seen any previous X-MEN/Wolverine films) and so now that she’s on this X-Men/Wolverine oddyessy, I’ve been able to catch a few with her and decided to write this up.


[Old Man] Logan was written and directed by James Mangold. He has writing credits for Girl, Interrupted (1999), Kate & Leopold (2001), and Walk the Line (2005) and directing credits for 3:10 to Yuma (2007), Knight & Day (2010), and the Wolverine (2013). It’s nice knowing that he’s got experience working with Hugh Jackman and the Wolverine character before they embarked on this intense, rated R journey. Other writers with credit for Logan include Scott Frank, known for Minority Report (2002), Marley & Me (2008), and the Wolverine (2013) & Michael Green, for several episodes of Everwood (2002), episodes of Heroes (2006), and Green Lantern (2011).

This movie has a rather small main cast, several henchmen, and a remarkable group of young mutants. There is Hugh Jackman (Logan), Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier), Dafnee Keen (X-23/Laura), Boyd Holbrook (Pierce), and Stephen Merchant (Caliban).


This movie is set in the future (but not too far) where Logan is one of the last famous mutants still alive and though science has all but eliminated the mutant gene, there is always some sort of secret lab experimentation going on. Charles has gone  bit mad in the and Logan has retreated so far from what he used to be. When they get bound to Laura, X-23, it suddenly became about finding hope again. And the will to keep going.


This movie, as stated before, was intense. I knew that Logan was violent, but I kind of feel like this was the first time I really saw the raw aggression. And the young character, Laura, it was strange seeing the same raw aggression in such a young person. I loved this film and it broke my heart every which way. When my husband talked about the comic books, I didn’t think they could possibly portray that. And from what I understand, they did a good job showing us some main parts of the story. I can’t say much due to spoilers but I can tell you, you’ll never see Logan the same way again. We’ve seen angry, solitary, and even teamwork Logan, but this movie exemplifies all those versions of himself 10x over.

I give this movie a solid 10/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gives it 7.9/10.

Did you see Logan? Write your comments below (no spoilers, please)!


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