Minimalism: A Documentary (2015)

This is a slight departure from my usual movies and films adventures, but I actually enjoy documentaries from time to time. As I search for the great balance of consumerism and minimalism, I thought this documentary would be a good choice.


Minimalism was directed by Matt D’Avella, which is currently his only credit in the filming world. The documentary follows Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, two friends known as “The Minimalists”. This documentary features people and couples that have embraced the minimalist lifestyle and how they got there.


Josh and Ryan have written a few books and several articles on how they got to be experts on minimalism, and went further by making this documentary to explore others who decided to follow their route to have less stuff to gain more in life. Ultimately, the one “thing” everyone had in common was that they were unhappy with their lives and found the way to a more fulfilling lifestyle. The film shows various degrees of minimalism to each person.


This documentary comes out during the rise in popularity of mindfulness, tiny homes, and sustainable living. It did make me re-evaulate my spending choices a little more carefully as well as think about why I like to buy “things”. It didn’t make me get rid of everything unnecessary, because lets face it, sometimes, we just like pretty things around us (I’m thinking of you Funko Pop collection).

I feel like rating this film is inefficient due to a lack of rating from Rotten Tomatoes, but i rather enjoyed it. If that makes a difference.

Have you seen this documentary? What do you think? Comment below!


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  1. Sydney Kate says:

    I enjoyed the film very much, but it seems to be lacking… something. I did not know what to expect except what I had seen on The Minimalists blog. Overall, I would recommend it to others!
    You may enjoy my recent post!


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