R. J. Hernandez’s An Innocent Fashion

An Innocent Fashion, written by R. J. Hernandez, is one of those coming of age novels; although it is set in modern times, it reads more like a coming of age during a time before when each word mattered in a story, when everything was precise and dramatic. Not to say that books aren’t written that way now, it’s just feels closer to a different time. This is R.J. Hernandez’s debut novel.


This book follows Ethan (formerly known as Elian) as he works hard to chase his fashion interests, from high school to college, an ivy league as well. His best friends from college, male and female, pose as love interests for Ethan which was a first for him. When he lands his dream internship at an internationally known fashion magazine, he discovers that while he got everything he wanted, he still doesn’t know who he was, where he was going in life, and who he was going with.


This book took me a while to get into it. I think it took me 3 months to read 50 pages but after I got through those 50 pages, I really couldn’t put it down. The attitudes of the characters are pretty pretentious and shallow though.  Although the main character came from a place of semi-poverty, his friends let him flourish in an affluent world once in college. One thing that put me off about Ethan was that he was a bit selfish. I understand that the book was from his perspective, but it ended up being a bit whiny, like Harry Potter in the Order of the Phoenix. That ending though, it was unexpected and an enjoyable surprise, despite the content.

I won this free book from a Goodreads contest give it a 3/5.  How about you?


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