May Book Haul

So I did the thing where I bought more books despite not finishing my to read pile. Out of the five books that I did buy, I have only read one. I also bought another “book” which was really a book of suggested photography contracts (mostly examples). I went to the local Barnes and Noble, which is roughly 45 minutes away with my friend Samantha.

We started in the cafe, and then made our way through the cooking, crafting, arts, and home decorating. After taking a few pictures of  some books I thought I wanted, we hit up science fiction, ya, and fiction section of the store. That is when we parted ways; she to the occult, me to the comic books, where the stuff I was looking for was not there. But that didn’t get me down! I continued to look through the classics, travel books, art, and stationary section. Eventually, we got together to do the final cut, which hurt us more than the price of our actual cart.

What came home with me?

Robert Galbraith’s Silkworm


I’ve been lingering over getting the second one from the Cormoran Strike series but it there was, on sale, so I had to have it. I know that is not quite the impressive reason you were expecting.

Howard Pyle’s the Story of King Arthur and His Knights


This purchase has been a long time coming. I got it from the classics section and have to finish my current trilogy before beginning this journey. I was given a glimpse when Boyling watched an animated movie of sorts and then of course, with the bit from Once Upon a Time. Plus, there are movies on Netflix that I want to watch, but would rather read the story first.

Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting


This is the book that I have already read but in the ongoing effort to reclaim books lost from my childhood that I have loved, this one got picked up. This is such a beautiful story and I loved the movie adaptation.

Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

American Gods

My friends have been raving about Neil Gaiman’s books for quite some time. I loved Neverwhere so it seemed to me, that because there is so much hype going around because of the show, that American Gods was the next best choice. I know pretty much nothing about this series so I’m excited to go in blind.

William Goldman’s Princess Bride


I always wondered if the story from the movie was real (well, not real real, but based off a book). And now I OWN BOTH! The movie and the movie! I’m super set. And want to to go about on adventures with pirates and giants that make rhymes, and avenge some other person’s father! All of it.


That is it, that’s my haul! It may not seem much but when you’re used to paying less that $5.00 a book (via Goodwill) this is quite impressive. It was a lovely couple of hours spent in the bookstore with a friend who loves books as much as me and who understand the pain of leaving books behind. I always tell myself that it’s because it’s not my time; somebody else will take them home.

Have you purchased/borrowed/read any good books lately? Comment below!


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