5 Fandom Friday: Youtube Channels

Hello everybody! Today’s 5 Fandom Friday is fueled by my inability to stop watching/finding Youtube channels to subscribe to. Now, if I could, I’d just list all the ones I subscribe to. But that would defeat the purpose of picking a few! These five are the channels I check/watch every day.



Jessica Kobeissi

I love Jessica’s photography style! She was one of the first channels I started paying more attention to, due to her behind the scenes content for photoshoots. She’s a fun woman with great style and it shows in her photos. I like that she’s got a core group of friends that often show up in her videos (who also do photography and whose channels I also subscribe to) but Jessica is probably my favorite.

Irene Rudnyk

I also love Irene’s photography style. She’s got an ethereal, feminine style in her photoshoots. She’s really nice in her videos and you can see it in the way she treats her models.


Geek House

When my friends moved away, they started reacting to movies and videos and trailers to keep them occupied. Just like we used to watch together. Well now, Joey and Avalon [married], have quite a following and it’s exciting! They get invited to other reactor channels, been to a Hollywood premiere, and do a good job of keeping it real. They’ve got enough of a following where people send them stuff too! And the name says it all really, GEEK OUT!


Miranda Sings

I honestly didn’t know about Colleen or her character Miranda, till the Netflix show. As soon as I found out she had a Youtube channel, I went and started watching videos from the beginning (roughly 7 years ago). She just makes me laugh so much and I like that she’s got a passion for singing and becoming famous and that she’s not going to let the haters bring her down. I’m not all caught up yet (I think I’ve got a year to go) but either way, I’m absolutely a Mirfanda!


Paper Princess Plans

I love my planner and I love learning how to make it more useful! Kiara has a few different planners and utilizes all styles of planning kits, (regular/mini/personal, vertical/horizontal). She has her usual favorites of planner kit shops but I also like when she branches out into new territory.


What are your favorite Youtube channels? Comment below!


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