the Trigger Effect (1996)

This one was another one my husband insisted I see. In part it has to do with some actors in the movie popping up in other movies/television shows. I had no idea what to expect and I liked it better that way.


The Trigger Effect was written and directed by David Koepp. He is known for directing Secret Window (2004), Ghost Town (2008), and Mortdecai (2015). He is also known for writing Mission: Impossible (1996), Jurassic Park: the Lost World (1997), Snake Eyes, Panic Room (2002), Spider-Man (2002), War of the Worlds (2005), Ghost Town (2008), the Mummy (2017). The movie also credits James Burke for connections to a television show version that never got made. the Trigger Effect stars Kyle McLachlan (Matthew), Elisabeth Shue (Annie Kay), Dermot Mulroney (Joe), Richard T Jones (Raymond), and Michael Rooker (Gary).


When an ongoing blackout brings out the worst in people and exasperates a baby’s cold, one family finds themselves in a difficult position. Matthew fails to acquire the medicine for his sick baby and ends up stealing it. During the night, someone tries to break into Matthew and Annie’s home, and in attempt to defend themselves, end up shooting and killing the intruder. In order to feel better, they decide to leave when someone comes along and shoots one of the family and steals their car. Matthew goes for help to the nearest farm home. No more spoilers after that.


I liked this film a lot! I wasn’t certain at first, but I do enjoy films that show a downfall in society and humanity and someone can do something nice to redeem themselves. I had been watching some films with Elisabeth Shue in them and television shows with Kyle McLachlan and Michael Rooker. It just seemed a bit serendipitous that they’d all show up in something together. I think its great that these characters appear normal and then within 24 hours the entire house is drowning in fear.


I give the Trigger Effect a 6.5/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 6.4/10. Guess we’re pretty close on this one.


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