Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

It took me 6 years but I finally got to see this romantic comedy. It was worth it!


Crazy, Stupid, Love was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. Ficarra and Requa are a great team and are known for I Love You Phillip Morris (2009), Focus (2015), and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2015). It was written by Dan Fogelman, who is known for Cars (2006), Tangled (2010), several episodes of Galavant (2015), and several episodes of This Is Us (2016). This movie stars Steve Carell (Cal), Ryan Gosling (Jacob), Marisa Tomei (Kate), Emma Stone (Hannah), Julianne Moore (Emily), Analeigh Tipton (Jessica), Joey King (Molly), Jonah Bobo (Robbie), and Kevin Bacon (David Lindhagen).


When Cal finds out his wife had an affair, he separates from her and moves into his own apartment. Jacob takes pity on Cal one night and starts teaching him how to flirt, pick up women, and dress a little nicer. In the meantime, a young woman Hannah believes her boyfriend will propose when he does not and she pursues Jacob (after initially rejecting him) and Cal’s son struggles with being 13 and having a crush on his babysitter, who harbors unhealthy affection towards Cal. It is a wild and hilarious and also touching look into a current and modern family and the joys/heartbreak that comes with lust, crushes, and relationships.


This movie, was just the right amount of funny, sexy, and touching. The relationships were relatable. The wacky situations the main family get themselves into were (mostly) believable. My favorite and most relatable character was Emma Stone’s Hannah. Sometimes I forget how awkward and hilarious she can be at the same time. I definitely would re-watch this movie!

I give Crazy, Stupid, Love an 8/10 while Rotten Tomatoes gives it 6.9/10.

Have you seen this film? Love it/hate it – comment below!


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  1. tashiibee says:

    i love this film so much whenever its on you will find me infront of it!!


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